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Why I choose fine line tattoos

Fineline combines style, sophistication and elegance. It is hard to do and in order to achieve ease in working with a thin needle, perfectionism, patience and a lot of experience are required. This is the reason why it is difficult to find a master of fineline. Therefore, my work never ceases to arouse my interest - I make each next project even more interesting, the details are even finer, and the arrangement is even more elegant.


Thin and airy lines are a challenging task to make them look like they were drawn with ease.

Botanical motifs include everything we take from living references: plants and nature. Just as diverse as people are, flowers can also be diverse. Everyone can choose something that suits their character best.

Freehand means creating the sketch directly on your skin. From experience, I can say it's the best way to position the tattoo perfectly! It will look organic with every movement, on every curve, considering muscles and individual body features. It's more challenging than using a transfer, but trust me, it's worth it.


I am inspired by nature, and I want to inspire you! Botany is not just about flowers in festive bouquets. It's a vast world. With every new project, I think nature is absolutely amazing! I love it when people choose flowers that grew in their grandmother's garden or in a place where they grew up. Stories with a flower from a wedding bouquet or a favorite trip are fascinating. Insects have their own stories too. By listening to yourself, you can choose the perfect botanical combination that reflects your character and speaks about you without words. I love it when sketches have their own story. It can be a story about you, self-expression, your family, childhood, or perhaps your journey. Give me that, and I'll take care of the rest.


Tattooing brings me so many different and cool people! If you're here, you're one of them. From this big community, connected by invisible threads, who love themselves, art, aesthetics, and meanings. Traveling gives me many encounters, and I never cease to be amazed by how diverse we are, yet always on the same wavelength. I'm already looking forward to meeting you!


Just as tattooing helps my travels, traveling also enhances my art. The more I see, the more I create. Seven years ago, when I started my journey in tattooing, I couldn't imagine the doors it would open for me and the people I would meet. By the way, it works both ways! Clients come to me from other states to get a tattoo, and for me, it's the highest form of recognition. So, distance is definitely not a barrier; it's an exciting adventure. I want my art to be present in every corner of the world 

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